Manage the business of loss. The Claims Group empowers policyholders to take control of the insurance claims process following a loss, recover what’s rightly owed, and return sooner to business — or the business of life. An experienced team of multistate licensed and bonded public adjusters, our role is to help you recover everything your insurance policy entitles you to by establishing a trail of accountability. Bringing needed insight in unfamiliar territory, The Claims Group provides its expertise and support to navigate the complicated, often overwhelming landscape of commercial and residential insurance claims.

what is a public adjuster?

As compared to company adjusters who truly serve the insurance company in a claim, a public adjuster works exclusively to protect the interests of property owners — and must be licensed and bonded by the state where the property is located. This distinction is critical as you move forward with your claim. Colorado-based though licensed and bonded in over 20 states, The Claims Group team has been successfully advocating for the insured over two decades.

We’ve seen it all.

The Claims Group is led by a duo of trusted senior executives who have “handled it all,” in both the commercial and residential insurance claim sectors. The ultimate factor in settling insurance claims? Proving the most reasonable payout while working cooperatively with the insurance company representatives. Armed with broad industry perspective and vast, on-the-ground proficiencies, The Claims Group has a history of defending and settling insurance claims by guiding property owners through the unwritten claims maze to achieve optimal settlements based upon “customary and reasonable” standards in the industry.