Experienced Help in Unchartered Waters

Most businesses owners have never heard of a public adjuster before. But what happens after a large property damage loss to your business? How does a business keep functioning after a loss all while trying to negotiate the best insurance claim settlement in an arena it has likely never been in before? Public adjusters like us at The Claims Group bring both guidance and direction to business owners so they can focus on running their business as productive as possible .

Working with an experienced public adjuster, you can generally expect the following steps. These are based on how we do things here at The Claims Group.

Review the policy. As advocates, we’ll give you a full understanding of coverage amounts and endorsements and provisions within your policy applicable to your claim.

Analyze claim complexity. Next, it’s important that we dig into your commercial insurance policy to see if there are things like co-insurance, actual cash value or unusually large deductibles amounts that may make the claim more difficult.

Set claim objectives. To be thorough, it is generally necessary to meet at critical points to discuss repairs, rebuilding, and continuing operations following a loss to ensure a full understanding of the overall goals towards the settlement of the claim.

Notify the insurance company. As public adjusters—and to streamline the process—we’ll eliminate the burden of you communicating with your insurance company so that all further communications are directed through us.

Onsite assessment. Also, of course it’s important to meet at the property to assess damage and determine if there is a need to retain other specialized consultants or engineers to support the claim.

Inventory of damages. Collecting these details are critical in capturing the complete and true value of your claim. As client advocates, we work to identify and inventory every item and detail in your home or business.

Submit damages. Once the property owner has reviewed, understood and approved the assessed damages, we will submit the claim to the insurance company.

Final settlement. Ultimately in this process, while clients remain a part of the entire process and are the final decision-makers in the outcomes of claims, we free up owners to continue to conduct business. In the meantime, we defend the claimed damages as presented until settlement is reached with the insurance company.

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